The Ada Tourism Stakeholders Association was borned out of shared interest and realisation that one individual player in the local tourism industry could not surmount challenges such as poor sanitation, high employment turnover and poor service delivery confronting the industry in Ada. Similarly, it was difficult for the individuals to make significant impact over the years in marketing Ada as unique tourism destination to attract a fair share of tourists who visit Ghana. The desire of some individuals and groups to see change, sparked a flame of union in January 2012 between the local tourism industry players – some of which have already formed groups such as boat operators, hotels/guesthouse operators, tour guides, and so on.
The union grew in numbers and was strengthened with a support from the “COAST Project” – a GEF funded project in an implenemtation structure which brought together UNWTO, UNIDO, UNEP and the coutry partners – MESTI and MOTCCA to build the capacity of the stakeholders and donated equipments to support promotion of ecotourism in Ada. The association also received blessings from the local assembly – including alocation of a common office space from where all activities are coordinated and promoted.
The association has therefore become a special purpose vehicle innovated to drive the industry forward.