Ada  Tourism  Stakeholders  Association  is  an  organization  associated  to  the  District Assembly for tourism development and marketing of the district. It operates the Tourist Information Office. The office  gives  you any information on the district that you desire, from booking your accommodation and tours and giving advice on how to spend your time in the area  to arranging special activities  like  taking part in traditional ceremonies, funerals or handicraft workshops.

The Tourist Information Office  in Ada Foah is located at the Ghana Highways.

Tel. +233 (0)30-2944676, E-Mail: 

Working hours: 7am – 5pm


The  Ada Tourism  Stakeholders Association  was borned  out  of shared  interest  and realisation  that one individual player in the local tourism  industry could not  surmount challenges such as poor sanitation, high employment turnover and poor service delivery confronting  the industry in Ada. Similarly, it was difficult for the individuals to make significant impact over the years in marketing Ada as unique tourism destination to attract a  fair share of  tourists who  visit Ghana. The desire of some individuals and groups to see change, sparked a flame of union in January 2012 between the local tourism industry players – some of which have already  formed  groups  such  as  boat  operators, hotel/guesthouse  operators,  tour  guides, and  so  on.

The  union  grew  in  numbers  and  was  strengthened  with a  support from the “COAST Project” – a GEF funded  project  in  an  implenemtation structure  which  brought  together UNWTO, UNIDO, UNEP and the coutry  partners – MESTI  and  MOTCCA to build the capacity of the stakeholders and donated equipments to  support  promotion  of  ecotourism  in  Ada. The  association  also  received  blessings  from  the  local assembly – including  alocation  of  a  common  office space from  where all activities are coordinated and promoted. 


We exist as a community based association to coordinate, develop and promote sustainable tourism business units and practices, to enhance value for money experience to all visitors, to create job for community youth, and conserve nature and culture through effective leadership, professionalism and innovative product and service offering.


To make Ada the first choice destination – in stakeholders satisfaction, innovative and excellent experience to all visitors and in conserving nature and culture – of the local tourism industries of the sub region.

Core Values

Customer and employee satisfaction and retention, Transparency and Accountability, Responsiveness and Respect for our environment.