Tour Guides:

Some things just become a real experience if you have a local at your side giving you insight about the places you visit. For this, the district has trained more than 20 tour guides that are happy to show you their district and its attractions. Just ask at the Tourist Information Center for a guide.

Boat Operators:

Safe transport  on trips is top priority both on land and on water in our region.
Our specially  trained boaters  are    locals  with many years experience  in  operating  traditional paddle   canoes  and    speed boats of  different sizes.
Check from the Tourist Office which ensures you are given best boat and a professional   operator.

Hotel/Guesthouse operators:

The Association is dedicated to the local hotel/guesthouse business and tourism in east Ghana´s Ada Foah.
Membership of the Ada Hotels Association is made up of hotels, motels and guest houses that have been certified and licensed by the Ghana Tourist Board to offer accommodation, catering and other tourism services in Ghana.

Culture Groups:

Holding  strong to our  tradition and culture is a good thing. Our identity is   expressed in many ways such us our foods, dressings, languages, music and  dance among many many others.  The  culture  troupe is ever ready  to     take you through typical   cultural performances  that  originate from  Ada.

Souvenirs & Veg. Producers:

A land blessed by nature where  farmers crop   on white sand  with application of organic manure and  dug-well irrigation systems at the beach, while others farm at the river banks and on the islands to produce abundant vegetables and sugar cane for local gin production just to   ensure you  get fresh tast of our foods and  drinks   that  make  you  need to come  again and again.

Tour Operators:

We  rejuvenate you and help you take away stress to become more productive by offering you entertaiment, educational and health tours  in Ada  and beyond.    We are  groups of custormer-centre and environmentally friendly   travel and ecotourism agencies  that provide  value added tailor made  services and products  to  our visitors and give back to  our communities through projects.